Common Challenges and Needs

The amount of traditional classroom based activities is still too high. VET providers needs to provide VET students with enhanced Work Based Learning experiences to promote to personal fulfillment and development, social inclusion, active citizenship and employment.

What we want to do!

Project partners will cover all the stakeholders involved in WBL experiences: VET teachers, trainers and students, enterprises, VET providers, social partners and exchange institutions. The Consortium integrates a number of 6 VET institutions in 6 EU countries (SP,RO,PT;IT,BE,CR). All the partners have consistent experience in working on VET.

We will help to improve...

- VET providers need to improve the cooperation between them and companies to turn the skills mismatch into competitiveness in VET.
- to demonstrate the real impact/promotion experiences ( public bodies).
- to offer the high quality WBL experiences at all levels.

Project Details

QQVET - Quality Qualification for VET

This is a KA202 - Strategic Partnerships for vocational educational and training
Duration: 24 months, from 01-09-2017 until 31-08-2019

Transnational Network

Creation of a transnational network of VET providers, companies, social partners and public bodies cooperating.

I01 - Impact Study

Impact study on WBL experiences (apprenticeship, traineeship, dual scheme, job shadowing) at local, regional, national or transnational level.

Documentary series

Real case live scenarios developing a WBL experience such us an internship, traineeship, dual scheme, job shadowing at local, regional, national or transnational level.

Recommendation Pack

Creation of a recommendations pack for VET students, teachers, trainers, VET providers, enterprises and public bodies in charge of education and employment.

Dissemination plan

The project partners adopt a common dissemination plan during the kick off meeting, to ensure an effective and constant promotion of the project. The dissemination plan identify the target groups to be addressed and the most appropriate strategies and means of communication to reach them. The carrying out of dissemination activities is part of the contract tasks and responsibilities of each project partner, like:

  • Events in the 5 partners countries with a foreseen participation
  • Multiplying event organized and hosted by each partner
  • A Final International Dissemination Conference
Number of participants

Teachers or trainers

180 VET teachers or trainers (30 per partner).



300 VET students (50 per partner)



30 directors of VET providers institutions (5 per partner)



120 enterprises (20 per partner)